TRUE – Sincerely Lyrics

As you learn unknown words
Reach out your hands remembering the image
But there may be words that you can’t understand by yourself

“Good bye” is bitter
“I love you” has a distant fragrance
These explainable feelings
I am very scared of, yet I cherish them deeply

I wonder why I am crying
How can I answer my heart?
Words are not always for talking
Just being there, collected there

I want to see you

[Full Version Continues]

When I discover words that shine
And marvel at their brilliant light
I cannot help but despise
This emptiness inside

But there are words that I hold dear
As long as I can keep them near
I know that I have nothing to fear

Sadness comes in like the bitter cold
But “Thank You” carries warmth that colors the landscape with its glow
And every time I’m swept away by what I can’t explain
I hear echoes of your voice within my heart, I hope they never will fade

I put pen to paper, but I stopped
It’s a letter meant for someone long and gone
That flutters in the wind
May it find the place where my dearest one awaits
This beginning has come to an end, now I decide my own fate!

I’ll go on living, I’m never giving up
I hope that you’re smiling as you watch from above

Why do the tears fall unbidden from my eyes?
How should I be answering my heart’s impassioned cries?
Although all these words have forever been unspoken
I don’t know how much longer I can keep them deep within
I have but only one desire: to see you one last time

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