SOLIDEMO – My Song My Days – Black Clover Lyrics

I stand in a city where
Something, somewhere is always in the process of building
Yes, Let’s make a path
That nobody else has gone on

My footsteps dances on the five lines of the music score
Just Melody
(I know) Our (soul) promise to each other lies right here
And we murmur the words that mean so much to us
I’ll make it true

My Song (Come on and follow me)
My Days (Creating our own melody)
Let’s make it ring throughout this world
(Let’s tie things together)
Until we can take pride in those days that have passed by
(Until the end of the world)
I won’t give up

My Song (Even if I trip)
My Days (It’s still okay)
I am adding the notes
It twists and turns, To us,
It’s the melody that shows us how bright tomorrow is

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