Kenshi Yonezu – Peace Sign Lyrics

That plane that flew right above our heads
I can weirdly remember it so clearly
For a reason I even don’t know though the plane itself is meaningless
All the nights I cried over my own patheticness I wished I could become stronger
I think I was looking for the courage to become that way

Even though the cruel fate still stays unchanged,
Even though there may be a time when it appears before me someday
In that moment, in those moments, if I could spare one breath
My heart that always half-heartedly said that whatever was fine, would shout to me again
Just once more, go further and further, someone sings within me
So passionately that I can’t help but follow

A hero that can cheer up your puffy eyes with a smile
So that you would never be sad again
This song is to become a hero like that

Then it’s time to put up a peace sign
For this never ending story

[Alt Translation:]

One day I set my eyes up to the sky
And like a plane, my dreams were passing by
And I awoke to tears that had filled my eyes
I need to spread my wings out and fly

I lie awake at night with these memories
Of feeling powerless and they’re haunting me
I’m always reaching out for this destiny to make it happen
That’s all on me

Cruel fate sets in motion
And no one else knows why
Waiting for the day to come
When will it show up
Claiming what’s before my eyes

With every issue, I gotta break through
Or the moment might just pass

They all told me I can’t
They were laughing
Well, look who’s laughing now

Now I can feel the fire burning deep within me
I’ll be the hero and no one can stop me
Loudly I will scream it from the top of my lungs

You’ve got those tired eyes from crying every moment
You cannot hide it, someone’s gonna notice
I’ll be your hero
No one’s gonna hurt you again

Gonna raise my hand with a peace sign
Our story will last forever

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