fhána – Hello! My World!! Knight’s & Magic Lyrics

Magic Navigation, The lap of Creation
The world wavers in this moment.
Tiny Revolution, Little evolution
The light will shine for but an instant.

The dream I’ve kept secretly in my pocket
Will expand now, before my very eyes. I’ve been reborn.

And I’m going to change the rules of this world!

Magic Navigation, The lap of Creation
With belief in my heart,
Tiny Revolution, Little evolution
I’ll never think to doubt.

I’ll toss aside my hesitant self.
Holding a strong feeling in my heart, I’ll shake up the light!

Hello! My World!!
It’s magic!
Hello! New World!!
It continues to waver, as if trying to pull me in.
This moment will never come to an end!

We can still rewrite our story,
So let’s head for the future!

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